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Who said film is dead?

Ok, photographic film-makers have been phasing out this old but yet so efficient medium, on which some of the world best photographs were captured.

At Take5studio, we understand how important some of your old memories are and we take lots of pride in helping you preserve them, by providing you with professional high-end scanning services.

A few good reasons to digitizing your old negatives/slides



Photos fade and their colors shift over time and even in the optimum storage conditions; film also deteriorates. Digital copies of your memories wouldn’t.



Digital files offer you the tremendous advantage of retouching and manipulation. The possibilities are simply limitless in terms of enhancement.



Having collections of photographic memories all organized and stored onto CDs/DVDs, with an instant access and viewing on a computer or a TV, takes the hassle out of the search and retrieving operations. It also makes them easy to share with close by and distant friends and family.



With our Fine Art Printing Center, the possibility and choice are yours to resurrect those nice old memories on a variety of professional, archival and museum-grade mediums. Be it acid-free canvas, acid-free mould-made cotton paper or the finest professional studio paper.



We scan all and any size and any brand of film and slides

From 135 used in SLR and the 120/220 used in medium format cameras to the sheet film used in large format cameras. Click here for more on film format

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